Recently I encountered that my crazy writing-mood-swings depend on the location whilst I’m writing my book.
I love warm colours and a nicely decorated home- which doesn’t mean that I’m a very tidy person *clear my throat*. Oh, and I don’t mind busy cafes either! You can fool your overworking brain with a cup of coffee. And cake. And maybe a biscuit or two as there is a glorious endless supply of yummy goods!
Things I said to myself in cafes/coffee shops/ bakeries:
“I’m just going to finish this delicious Cinnamon Latte and then I’m going to write one chapter.” Or even better “I’m just going to eat this carrot cake and drink this hot chocolate. Then I will be able to focus.” Two full hours later, there are still no words on the paper. No keyboard keys were touched by my dirty carrot-cake-covered fingers……
At home it’s no better.
Things I said to myself at home:
“I’m just going to clean the bathroom. And the living room. And the office.” In the end you are neither working on your book nor cleaning your flat. The TV accidentally turned on and you spent 2 hours watching silly programmes. My all-time favourite is “I need to bake something.” There is a neeeeeeddddd in doing something else when you feel overwhelmed with doubt. At least baking has a delicious result!
To get back to what I actually wanted to talk about: The mood of your story can be set by your surroundings. There is a lot of emotional depth to my story and yesterday I described a dark episode in my heroines’ life. To set the mood, I dimmed the light, lit some candles and imagined to be her. I felt her fear and sadness. But also hope. My surroundings were one with me and it was easier to immerse into her tale. It’s a bit like acting, you need to feel in order to be able to describe or perform.
So, let me present the outcome of today’s labour:
Chapter 1- finished (well, the first draft)
Blog post- finished and posted
Food- This picture is the last memory of the waffles I made 3 hours ago.
Some people asked me for my biscotti recipe. So I decided to create an extra recipe section just for you!