A journey through Hamburg’s vintage scene- and much more!
Hamburg seems to be Germany’s friendliest city, welcoming travellers from around the world with countless opportunities to satisfy the vintage-craving-heart.
It is world famous for its harbour, rich nightlife and copious amounts of Bio-shops. Tourists love the city’s architectural bonniness- the warehouse city fascinates with its thick red brick buildings, which once protected imported tea, coffee, spices and tobacco. Old and new structures seem to melt together, creating a unique view in various places around the city. The harbour invites to linger- watch boats and cruisers pass by or go on one of the harbour boat trips. Often they take you close to the massive cargo ships- just about to sail out to different worlds.
The “Reeperbahn”-often referred to as the most sinful mile- in the district St. Pauli, shows you a very different side of Hamburg- especially at night! Burlesque lovers can find glamorous shows but watch out! Most bars and stages offer a very different performance from what you expect.
You might not be able to find anything vintage on the morning-weekend “Fischmarkt” (selling not only fish), where sellers verbally try to attract customers (“Buy a trout and get an eel for free!”), an event many tourists and citizens of Hamburg don’t want to miss. However, every weekend plenty of flea markets give you opportunities to search, rummage and find precious pieces. On certain dates, the “Wintermarkt” at Messehallen takes place in three vast halls- I can assure you that you will find unique items- all enhanced by a touch of German history.
If, for you, a city trip isn’t complete without visiting a museum, the “Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe” (museum for arts and crafts), at the central station might be just right! Undertake an expedition through time and countries and get inspired. In subtle ways you are brought closer to the humans behind the creations. As if telling a story, the different departments such as fashion, design or renaissance make you realise the entangled history of those exhibited artefacts. One question revealed itself to me by the end of my visit. Would I bath in a wool-jersey bathing suit?
After your time travel you might want to sit back and relax in the atmospheric old-fashioned “Cafe Paris” in the Altstadt (old town)- enjoy your Cappuccino and cake vintage-suitable!
Close to the formerly mentioned place of relaxation “Vintage& Rags”, likewise situated in the city’s heart- a hip two story vintage-shop with Elvis music and chandeliers- has just the right amount of style and rag without appearing too corny.
Other vintage stores such as “Kleidermarkt Hamburg” and “Second Schanze” not to mention all of those lovely-little quirky places scattered around the city, express Hamburg’s deeply rooted fascination for the preservation of past times.
Hamburg has a lot of stories to tell- experience its exceptional lifestyle on a vintagy journey through its past. Come for a visit!