I tried to focus all week. But there is always this lingering feeling, demanding something irresistible. It’s pesky like a pebble in your shoe, like that quiet but overwhelming voice in your head, whispering sweetly: “Procrastinate!” And then you find yourself cleaning, cooking, baking….and you do things you haven’t done in months like sweeping the patio or arranging your orchids in a neat line in front of the window. Why or why do we love to procrastinate?
However, procrastination can be a way of searching for inspiration. Today I’ve tried myself in baking again, having watched various baking-related TV programmes with cheer delight.
Impatience is my biggest enemy- and revealing every single pistachio to this mad baking world drove me insane- but I’m pleased with the result. What do you thing? Lovely biscotti, made with a pinch of procrastination and patience!
Maybe my heroin is going to be infected with the baking rush? Certainly a nice pastime.
I’m off to work on my novel now! No more procrastination, I promise!