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Dear Reader,
I’m sorry for irregular signs of life. Christmas is coming up and with it countless things to organise and work on.
My story is developing semi-well. The every-day progress is depending on other workloads- such as Christmas shopping.
Sometimes I feel slightly surprised about what directions my story and my life are taking. Lately I feel like as if I get to know my inner-soul and creative spirit much better.
I started looking for new inspirations and after watching the following talk, my overactive-i-need-a-break-brain felt a little more attached to my neck.
So, tomorrow I will go to a local art gallery… to immerse into another world- away from stressful Christmas shopping (of course only until I walk out of the art gallery and realise that there are shops with possible Christmas presents).
Maybe, just by looking at faces which can’t be linked to the now but to the past, I will be able to reconnect with their eyes or feel their happiness and pain.
Life offers many facets. And faces give you a beautiful entrance to a world full of stories.